James Morrison Street Party

by admin 19. September 2010 20:27

'As part of Doors Open Day on Saturday 18th September 2010, the local community and creative cluster around Glasgow Cross joined forces in grassroots style to transform James Morrison Street into a vibrant public space full of activity and performance.

Between 10am and 4pm there was an eclectic programme of events including film screenings in the urban escape theatre, free homemade soup and Jim Morrison branded toast, a buskers stage, tea and cake, and interactive creative activities. There was also the opportunity to explore the studio spaces of the local design community and the hidden gem of St Andrew’s church. Or you could simply put your feet up in the outdoor living room and soak up the sights and sounds of city street life in a re-imagined car free environment.'

The above is from the official press release. The following is my day:-

My day started before 9am as I was helping Nicola and her colleagues at Page\Park together with others involved in organising the event set up for the day. First task was rolling out the astroturf on the ramp into the underground carpark - this would form the 'grassed' seating area for the cinema. Then there were gazebos to erect and shopping trolley handles to re-label (the shopping trolleys being used for Book Crossing). Meanwhile the bunting (which included some of my shirts!) was going up with a great team effort that solved several logistical problems along the way. The Street Kiosk (winning entry by Boriss Krutiks of Riga, Latvia in the Vox Populi competition organised by Skirmishes) was being put together. By 10am it was all coming together and the first visitors were arriving to sample the soup and Jim Morrison toast - both were very good indeed. There were also cakes available at Goodd/GRAS. Children were getting their faces painted, hula hooping, building sand castles and playing Giant Jenga. Penalty shoot outs were taking place in St Andrew's Square and golf putting on astroturf on James Morrison Street.

I was a Marshal for part of the morning. This involved wearing a High Vis jacket and a cowboy hat and assisting visitors to the event. Towards the end of the day I counted visitors into the Page\Park offices. They had 581. Then the day was all too quickly coming to an end with a final strip the willow on the street with music by the Ardoch Ceilidh Band. There had been music throughout the day from Jasmine, Pipers - Neil and Aonghas, Honesty Christian, Diverted Traffic, The Imagineers, We See Lights and Captain and the Kings.

After 4pm it was time to tidy up with the astroturf being rolled up and the gazebos dismantled. It was not long before the street was clear and could be re-opened to traffic again.

It had been a very successful day and one I had been glad to have been part of. Nicola had been involved for weeks as part of the organising committee - so the part I played was very small by comparison. It reminded me, however, of our time in Argentina working as a team building homes. Today we built temporary structures but ones that played an important part in bringing the community together. It was life affirming to see the results of this. The whole day had been a very positive one. Thanks for this must go to the participating organisations:-

Andy Murray Design, Brown & Wallace, Collective Architecture, Dancehouse, Dualchas Building Design, Erz, Goodd, GRAS, Icecream Architecture, John Gilbert Architects, Kraft Architecture, Lofts Residents Association, Merchant City Marketing Cooperative, Page\Park Architects, the local residents of James Morrison Street and St Andrews Square.

See: Photos of the James Morrison Street Party at InkstersGive

See: Photos of the James Morrison Street Party on Flickr

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